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Advanced Analytics

In order to achieve the ongoing successful evolution of your internet presence advanced analytics are needed.

You should track, measure, and adjust initiatives based on the data.  Without data it is like flying a plane without instrumentation.  

Internet initiatives require investing of time, efforts, and spend.  Advanced analytics helps you clearly understand what is, and what isn't, working - so you are able to trim or eliminate what isn't working and reallocate limited resources towards something new and/or expanding on what is proven to provide a solid ROI.

Advanced analytics helps you go beyond the basic how much traffic you are driving, how many links you have, how much usage you have, and other generic benchmarks including advanced analytics.

Quality new customer acquisition and retention is more important than having significant quantities of visitors to your website that don't convert.   The internet is evolving at a speed that is difficult for businesses to keep up with, you need to have key performance indicators (KPI's) set up and advanced analytics in place to provide clear and compelling data to guide your initiatives.

Google Analytics is a good foundation, call tracking is a great way to listen to your prospect and customers (as well as ensure your internal team is properly handling consumer contact), A/B testing coupled with advanced analytics will let the data determine what your customers want/need.

In addition, Clickback WEB is cloud based software that taps into up to 94% of your website traffic who don't fill out a form.  Installing this on your site gives your marketing and sales team instant access to the contact details of potential decision-makers at companies that visited your website but didn't inquire.  

Key Features of Clickback WEB

To be clear about this software capability - it doesn't inform you of the exact visitor to your site.  It details top decision-makers at the company the visitor works for, which may or may not be the visitor.  If you use this information correctly you can lead nurture these top decision-makers to ensure your company is top of mind and in consideration for being awarded opportunities for your supplying capabilities.

  • Leads delivered daily to your inbox - turning anonymous visits into warm leads
  • Discover new companies in the process of sourcing your supplying capabilities
  • Get to know your target customer better
  • Move Clickback Web leads into marketing and sales tools - such as Clickback MAIL.  So you can set up initial and lead nurturing emails to these potential customers!  All emails from Clickback Mail go beyond CAN-SPAM compliance. 

Internet Consulting, Inc. recommends using Clickback WEB and Clickback Mail. I, Jordan Weiner/President of Internet Consulting, Inc., don't understand how so many businesses invest significant time, effort, and spend on their website(s) and generating leads via multiple internet initiatives - but don't lead nurture the quality activity after it gets to your website.

Getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time is essential for not having leaky sales funnels. What are you currently doing to identify and lead nurture your website activity?

Advanced analytics coupled with touching and lead nurturing prospects, and clients, from multiple initiatives with the right content at the right time is proven to increase quality conversions.

Internet Consulting, Inc. would be happy to help you achieve your internet goals.  We are experts at setting up your advanced analytics and helping you integrate your content into marketing automation, responsive website design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, leads lists, email campaigns, video development & marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing, and other initiatives based on your exact target audience(s) buying and specifying processes.

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