Business Database offers a triple verified business database of over 15 million businesses. The business database is triple verified and 95% accurate. We verify our business database by using yellow page data, telephone verification, company websites and search engine information.

Internet Consulting, Inc. vetted DatabaseUSA and guarantees they will provide professional services. Jordan Weiner/President

Business List Selects Include:

  • Geographic Area: You can select business mailing lists by state, county or metropolitan area (MSA), Zip Code, radius around an address and, of course, the entire United States. You can also filter by latitude and longitude, congressional districts, and census blocks.
  • Type of Business: SIC or standard industry code is used for tax classifications. We can help you select by specific SIC codes or a combination of several SIC codes for a comprehensive list. We also offer selects by NAICS code, which is similar to an SIC code, but less complex and offer a more broad classification.
  • SIC Code or NAICS Code: Pinpoint your potential sales leads by selecting businesses by sales volume. This allows you to find businesses that are the appropriate size for your sales specifications.
  • Sales Volume and/or Employee Size: Enhance your lead form database with demographic, interest and purchase data, such as gender, age, income, donor history and more.
  • Complex Selections: Do you need a more complex business marketing list? Our account executives can help you narrow down your list with various facets of search specifications. For example, you can select all manufacturers in California with an employee size range of 25 – 250 employees. Or all retailers in Miami-Dade County with sales exceeding $1 million per year.

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New Selects are also available, including:

  • Multiple Executives Number of PCs
  • Square Footage Advertising Expense per Year
  • Technology Expense per Year
  • Office Equipment Expense per Year
  • Rent Expense per Yea
  • Telecom Expense per Year
  • Accounting Expense per Year
  • Business Insurance Expense per Year
  • Legal Expense per Year
  • Utilities Expense per Year

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