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Leads Lists

Leads Lists

Internet Consulting, Inc. provides quality leads lists and email marketing solutions. We are happy to provide free in-depth lead profiling consultations, review leads lists and email deployment options.

It's as simple as A, B, C:

A) The owner of Internet Consulting, Inc. Jordan Weiner, will collaborate with you regarding your initial leads lists profiling. 

We help you quickly, easily, and clearly identify your target audience(s) - then share leads lists options that best fit your goals and budget. 

B) Fill out Internet Consulting, Inc.'s "Free In-Depth Consultation Form" (which quickly and easily identifies the "Job Tiles" and "Industries" of your potential customers)

C) Check your target potential customers SIC Codes in our "SIC Code Directory"

Once you do A, B, and C - you will have the ability to use multiple resources to build your perfect initial, and ongoing, leads lists around your exact target audience(s).

You won't have to data enter all the info - everything is done with simple check-boxes.

You won't have to repeat the initial selection criteria process for each vendor - we make it simple and easy for you.

Our list broker Greg Rubin, or quality vetted leads lists vendors such as GoLeads, infoUSA, DatabaseUSA, MegaLeads.com, and others will provide clean up to date records.

The below vetted vendors provide discounts and/or free trials for Internet Consulting, Inc. prospects/clients.

These vendors ensure you are not paying for duplicate records when ordering leads from multiple vendors - which is a recommended long-term strategy in order to replace leads from your shrinking lists. (You must remove opt-outs and recipients that are not opening your emails).

We ensure you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing bad lists or using disreputable lists or email deployment vendors that will cause you to crush your domain authority and be blacklisted as a spammer.

There are many shady unethical people in the leads lists and email deployment industry - that are favorably indexed/ranked on the search engines with company names that seem credible. If you make this type of mistake all your business emails will be blocked by SPAM checkers.

C)     Internet Consulting, Inc. is partnered with Clickback lead generation software. This email platform is different from other email service providers because it lets you send to cold or purchased contacts.

Most email deployment software such as MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, IContact, and other leading platforms will not allow you to email to cold or purchased lists (non-permission based lists or lists that are not opt-in). Which includes current prospect and client lists that are not opt-in.

Clickback is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. This software is only for B2B suppliers. All lists imported are cleansed, validated, and go through a variety of health and anti-spam risk checks, which removes all bad email addresses and spam traps to ensure your message gets delivered to an actual person.

You can design your professional looking emails in minutes (with simple drag and drop technology) and deploy your own campaigns or Internet Consulting, Inc. or GoLeads, infoUSA, or other quality vendors will do the creative for you and send your emails for you.

Campaigns can be highly-personalized by adding contact's name, company name, scheduling or programing triggered responses, and more - to further engage customers and increase conversions.

Question: Why use leads lists if you are investing significantly in other internet initiatives?

Answer: Because you should be touching multiple contacts via multiple ways.  In addition, SEO takes time - so you might want to increase quality activity fast and easy.  If you don't have enough conversion activity with your marketing automation campaigns - filling your top of funnel quality activity is needed to obtain the ROI.  I could go on - but in short... leads lists and email campaigns coupled with other initiatives helps increase activity and conversions.

In conclusion, whether you want to handle your leads lists purchasing and email deployment yourself or use Internet Consulting, Inc., GoLeads, DatabaseUSA, infoUSA, Megaleads.com, and Clickback are vetted trusted providers (and just good people that will genuinely help you).

Here is a list of essential leads lists do's and don't s:

For additional information download our FREE "Top 20 Essential Leads Lists Do's and Don's" PDF on this web page.

  1. Put together a comprehensive list of your target SIC Codes for your targets.  (You should also put together a list of the exact job titles and messaging to these specific prospects for your email, telemarketing, direct-mail, and other campaigns).
  2. Only purchase lists from vetted vendors.  If it's to good to be true - it is!  You will destroy your domain authority and be labeled a spammer if you use the wrong lists and/or email deployment vendors.
  3. Use a list broker.  Greg Rubin is our recommended list broker.  He has access to over 70,000 B2B lists and often receives discounts for lists you won't be able to get without him.  Greg also provides genuine helpful consulting at no charge so you understand the leads lists and email deployment industries in's and out's. His extensive knowledge and genuine helping attitude detailing the types of lists and email types even impressed me (Jordan Weiner, owner of Internet Consulting, Inc.) - per my recommendation to reach out to him.
  4. Do you know the differences between owner deployed and released emails lists? Greg Rubin does, along with other "Right Target Market For Your Business" details - he has written extensive industries-leading articles on these and many other leads lists and email marketing topics.
  5. Marketers generally acquire leads lists in three ways: Buying, Renting, or Subscribing. 
  6. You will need to remove all recipients from campaigns that do not open your first 6 to 12 emails - this is important.  This results in your need to continually replace removed leads with fresh leads - so build a rapport with your list vendors/broker.
  7. Make sure your lists and cleansed and validated!   If you use Greg for you list broker, the vetted list vendors below, or ClickBack - they all provide these services for you.
  8. Honor opt-out request promptly.
  9. Track and measure everything.  Analyze open and click through rates, use dedicated landing pages and call tracking so you are able to measure actual conversions not just traffic.  This way you know which lists convert better than others and you are able to adjust your time, efforts, and spend for the successful evolution of your leads lists sources.
  10. Follow-up professionally to responses.  This doesn't mean push a sales person on them during the top of funnel or initial research phase.  Lead nurture according to the funnel stage they are in.  For more information on lead nurturing and marketing automation visit those pages on this website.
  11. In addition to purchasing leads lists to jump start activity - build your website visitor leads lists and nurture them professionally.  You can add business contacts even for anonymous visitors to your site by using Clickback Web
  12. If you use multiple list sources - make sure you remove all duplicates from email efforts.

Email Lists and Email Marketing is a great way to fast track success and bring in quality new customers while your other initiatives are evolving. 

Our goal is to eliminate the problems prohibiting you from successfully purchasing lists and implementing effective email and other lead generation campaigns.

Email Deployment to Purchased Lists

Most email deployment software will not allow you to send emails to cold or purchased lists, because they are not permission based or opt-in contacts. There are two options for overcoming this issue:

* Clickback is specifically designed to send emails to B2B purchased lists. All lists are cleansed and verified, are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, and go through additional anti-spam risk checks.

* Using a leads list firm that also deploys the emails for the lists they provide, such as GoLeads, infoUSA, DatabaseUSA, and others. Internet Consulting, Inc. has vetted and highly recommends these vendors - if you choose your own vendors beware of "to good to be true" offers. We have run into some very shady characters in the leads lists and email deployment industry -- some will promise great lists and results and will not deliver - or even worse use lists and email deployment that will get you labeled as a spammer (which could be devastating to your business)!

To be safe, the below vetted vendors should have everything you need. They are good people, with wonderful support, and reasonable rates.