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Why List Brokers?

A knowledgeable list broker is a key element in any successful direct marketing campaign. Cultivating a long-term relationship with a list broker can be a valuable use of time and marketing dollars.

List Brokers have a comprehensive understanding of the direct marketing industry. They have access to tens of thousands of direct marketing lists and can offer you more list choices than you would be able to find yourself.

Experienced List Brokers can quickly provide several list options for you to consider, weeding out the lists you should avoid, either because they aren’t right for your project or because the list source isn’t reputable.

They ask the list managers the questions that you wouldn’t know to ask such as: when was the list last updated, how often it is updated, where the info comes from, what is the accuracy guarantee.

What Makes Prospects Influential’s List Brokers Standout?

One of our strongest attributes is our focus on superior customer service. We provide a level of service that far exceeds industry standards. We know this because we can see the list industry’s level of service directly. Our suppliers are also our competitors. The service they give us is tells us exactly what our potential clients see when they are comparing.

We treat all companies the same, large or small. When we first speak to a company we take the time to understand who they are, what they are looking to promote, who they have identified as their ideal target audience, how they want to reach them, what they are hoping to achieve through their marketing, and what they envision their marketing strategy to look like.

We explain how the list industry works and what options are available to them. Once we understand all aspects of their campaign we generate proposals that are customized to each individual company and their needs. Our goal is to try to educate everyone we work with, so by the time we have finished they have a better understand of the direct marketing industry and are ready to initiate a campaign with full confidence.

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