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Internet Consulting, Inc. put together this self-funded directory so you are able to understand the facts for self-funded & level-funded group healthcare.

Did you know there are significant cost savings, and flexible plan designs, for self-funding employer/employee benefit plans because of exemptions received from state and federal regulation?

Are you tired of trying to keep up with the healthcare laws and regulations, how they affect the insurance companies, and your premiums?

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Did you know that unhealthy groups cause insurance companies raise premiums on all their groups, including healthy ones?

Do you know you are legally able to self-fund your employer/employee benefit plan so you are not affected by unhealthy groups?

Did you know that with a traditional insurance plan if your group's claims are lower than the premiums the insurance company keeps the unused premiums as profit?

Did you know with self-funded benefit plans if your group's claims are lower than reserves that a significant portion of unused funds are returned or able to be rolled into proceeding years?

In today's technologically advanced self-funded industry 3rd party administrators handle your claims, and excess loss carries reduce risk in case something catastrophic happens. Therefore self-funded plans are an easy alternative to traditional group health insurance.

If you have a healthy group or if you are a licensed Agent seeking a self-funded firm to represent - fill out the contact us form and we will consult with you and direct you to the best self-funded employer/employee benefit plan and provider for your circumstances.