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Leads Lists

Leads lists are the foundation of effective marketing. Good leads will result in good results with the right initiatives, bad leads will result in no results and even worse could cause you to be labeled as a spammer and be blacklisted.

There are many leads lists suppliers that are favorably indexed/ranked on the top search engines. Top tier lists can be cost prohibitive for the return on investment and vendors that supply lists that are priced "to good to be true" are usually not good lists for multiple reasons.

The best leads are leads you achieve through conversion tools on your website. Such as "Ask A Question" or "Request A Quote" or gated content that require capturing contact information in exchange for quality information or something your target audience wants. Gated content leads should be qualified by sending a verification email that their email address that the user must click on to verify they provided the right email address.

Internet Consulting, Inc. provides database mining - however we only mine from public sites.

More to come regarding leads lists soon!

Email Deployment to Purchased Lists

Most email deployment software will not allow you to send emails to purchased lists, because they are not permission based or opt-in contacts. There are two options for overcoming this issue:* Clickback is specifically designed to send emails to B2B purchased lists. All lists are cleansed and verified, are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, and go through additional anti-spam risk checks.* Using a leads list firm that also deploys the emails for the lists they provide, such as GoLeads, infoUSA, and others.Internet Consulting, Inc. has vetted and highly recommends these vendors - if you choose your own vendors beware of "to good to be true" offers. We have run into some very shady characters in the leads lists and email deployment industry -- some will promise to send emails and don't, others will sell you old lists or even worse use lists and email platforms that will get you labeled as a spammer (which could be devastating to your business)!To be safe, the below vetted vendors should have everything you need and we recommend using them. They are good people, with wonderful support, and reasonable rates.