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Website Design & Development

Web design and development has evolved from online brochures to interactive sales and customer service channels.

Many clients come to us after being frustrated with the look and feel, usability, and/or information overload issues they have had difficulty solving.

Internet Consulting, Inc. provides custom website design and development for a fraction of the investment of other top firms.

It is important in this search engine era that your website architecture is build around SEO and that it's responsive (meaning it morphs to fit mobile phones and tablets).

Many website designers are graphic artists that know little or nothing about usability for buyers and/or specifiers, SEO or other internet marketing initiatives for your website post launch.

We speak the industrial internet languages fluently and will build your website so it converts quality visitors into customers.

Internet Consulting, Inc. has teams of specialists that work together for content creation, website design, responsive website design, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing automation, leads lists, email campaigns, video development & marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing, and other initiatives based on your exact target audience(s) buying and specifying processes.

We are able to route a steady stream of quality new prospects to your new site and lead nurture them through your sales funnels.

We are able to build your website forms and landing pages so conversion activity is lead nurtured via email campaigns, and other integrated internet initiatives to turn prospects into customers. We are marketing to sales hand-off specialists.

With modern advanced analytics - in addition to installing Google Analytics, and call tracking, we are able to use Clickback Web to inform you of businesses, and top contact information at these businesses, that visit your website but don't fill out a form or contact you. 

We are amazed at how many businesses invest significant time, effort, and spend with their website but don't market it or don't lead nurture activity generated.  Getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time starts before they get to your website, continues while they are on your website, and further continues after they leave your website.  

It is important with website design that post launch usability is tested and conversion improvement tweaks are made. No matter how well you plan your website design, you website is a voting booth and your customers are the voters.  Therefore we offer reasonably priced custom-fit website maintenance programs.

There are a lot of website design goals and details.  The options range vastly from business to business.  Therefore it would be best to have an in-depth discovery meeting to discuss goals and budgets in order for us to provide an accurate strategy and quote on achieving your website design and internet marketing goals.

Here is a list of website design tips:

  1. The 5 second validating rule - explain your value proposition fast and clearly on your home page and landing pages.  Your audience must be able to validate you have the supplying capabilities they need quickly or they will hit the back button and go to competitors.
  2. Have clear Calls To Action(s) - make it easy for quality prospects to initiate conversations with you by dominantly displaying your phone number (making sure they can click it on mobile devices), provide an request for quote (RFQ) option, ask a question form, email option, physical address, clear navigation links to destination pages, and other conversion tools.
  3. Responsive website - make sure your website morphs to fit different size desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.  This is for usability and it is a weighted SEO factor on top search engines such as Google.
  4. SEO - integrate your SEO terms and content in the right places on your site.  Visit our SEO pages for great detail on this important topic.  It is critical when tackling search engine optimization that you do it right, for once you use SEO techniques search engines can be unforgiving of mistakes and blacklist you from results.
  5. Make sure your website loading page.  Here is a link to Google's PageSpeed Insights.  That details issues and how to fix them.
  6. Know your audience and speak their language. Write in first-person or second-person. Use conversational English when possible.  Don't be to serious. Leave out the hype. Write for your customers point of view, not your company view - for example translate features into benefits.  Detail all technical attributes needed to make a buying/specifying decision. 
  7. Use pictures and video. 
  8. Follow standards and best practices for look & feel, navigation, and other details.  Right or wrong your audience is conditioned to see a global navigation bar on the top of left side of the page and that blue underlined words are links - don't confuse them with new creative.
  9. Keep your content fresh.  Outdated content is bad for visitors and search engines.
  10. Incorporate social media, a blog, ability to sign up for an email campaign or newsletter - if you don't want to invest the time and efforts for these details - Internet Consulting, Inc. would be happy to get them done for you for very reasonable fees.
  11. Make sure any associations, internet directories, and other portals that deep link to your website are notified when you redesign your site (the deep links will become broken links if you update your URL's for SEO purposes... your home page URL should remain the same so no worries there.).
  12. Pick a color schema - that should be mirrored for your other internet initiatives for branding purposes.
  13. Build trust with certifications, history details, achievements, credentials, testimonials, case studies, positive reviews, and other third-party endorsements that hold weight.
  14. Make sure your site is secure with an SSL Certificate.  HTTPS... not HTTP.  This is now a weighted Google factor and without it your potential website visitors may receive a notification when trying to get to your website that informs them your site might not be safe.  Buy your SSL Certificate now if you don't have one!
  15. Don't use black hat SEO techniques.  They may get your site favorably indexed/ranked in the short run - only to get your site blacklisted and banned in the long run.  Only use white hat SEO techniques.
  16. Don't use tiny or hard to read fonts.  If a visitor can't read your text they will leave your site and not return.
  17. Be an industry leader.  Thought leadership is a great way to build your brand, further your name recognition, and spread awareness of your industry leading ideas.
  18. Monitor your website performance.  Keep up to date with software and plugin updates.  Try different things and measure which has the higher click through rate - this is called multi-variable or A/B testing and will continue to ensure the successful evolution of the look/feel/functionality of your site.
  19. Your website is a component of your internet marketing.  You should market your site and lead nurture activity.  To have a good looking website that is not integrated into your other internet initiatives is like having an online brochure not an interactive lead generation and sales channel.
  20. View your website and internet marketing as a top sales performer and allocate enough budget to meet your goals.  A comprehensive website, internet marketing, and marketing automation strategy should provide a significant return on investment (ROI) for the time, effort, and spend invested.  Many times all this is similar to the investment of a part-time employee or assistant.  The opportunity cost for not having these in place is significant. 

Internet Consulting, Inc. would be happy to help you achieve your website design and internet goals. 

We provide the do-it-yourself tools for website design, and many other initiatives in the Tools Used By The Experts section of this website.  Our best client is an educated one - once you understand the time, expertise, and other details involved in building a website that is not just an online brochure done by a graphic artist - partnering with us to redesign your website should be an easy decision.  As mentioned, our website design fees are a fraction of the investment of other top firms.

Click-here for a no cost, no obligation, in-depth website design consultation.