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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is investing time, efforts, and funds to be favorably indexed/ranked in the "organic", "natural", "free" search results on search engines.

SEO is premised on bringing the most relevant content for users of search engines. Therefore good applicable content is the most important factor. However, it is important to make sure your website architecture is built around this content.

Top Search engine algorithms such as Google have hundreds of SEO criteria. (Algorithm is just a fancy word for formula). There are on page & off-page search engine optimization (SEO) criteria, which are continually being updated or changed entirely.

Partnering with Internet Consulting Inc. ensures your search engine optimization is done right.

The opportunity cost for not achieving favorable indexing/ranking on the top search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, and others is significant.

Once you start implementing SEO if it is not done right your site could be labeled as using "black hat" or spamming techniques and black listed. When on-boarding a firm make sure you hire search engine optimization (SEO) professionals that only use "white hat" techniques. Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.

If "black hat" techniques are used, your site might take temporary leaps in indexing/ranking but then be hit hard and drop from all rankings - which is hard to recover from.

Download the FREE "Top 20 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips" on this web page.

Do your due diligence when partnering with SEO specialists,
they should provide:

  • SEO success with other clients.
  • Transparency with detailing what they are working on
  • Initial keyword/phrase & competitor search terms research
  • Collaboration with you to prioritize the best terms to target
    for your business
  • On-page and off-page strategies to for your SEO
  • Access to journals/work logs detailing exactly where time is
    spent for the deliverables
  • Reviewing detailed monthly indexing/ranking reports with
    you, covering each term you are interested in. Review quality
    conversions achieved through advanced reporting. A good
    search engine optimization (SEO) firm does not just send you
    automated complicated reports that you don't understand.
  • Review general overall usage and quality of conversions to
    your site (all usage, not just from terms being targeted. With
    Google's RankBrain the terms may not even be in the search
    strings - so general quality usage routed to your site is a solid
    metric to analyze. As long as you are drilling down to the
    quality of conversions with advanced reporting).

A low price is not the best way to choose an SEO provider, the long-term costs for cheap but not good SEO significantly outweighs paying a reasonable rate and hiring the right SEO firm in the first place.

Rates range, but $175 per hour for a professional firm is a reasonable ball park rate - Internet Consulting, Inc. only charges $100 per hour. Click-here for a no obligation Internet Consulting, Inc. SEO consultation.

Here is a link to Google's Algorithm Change History.  Below is a brief summary of some of the most important updates:

Google's RankBrain update is probably part of Hummingbird (which is Google's overall search algorithm). This update was significant because the keywords/phrases being searched do not have to be in the content that is favorably indexed/ranked if the content that is retrieved is well written applicable content about the topic.

Even though RankBrain and other "AI" updates for other search engines are able to bring up content without keyword matching, it is still important to make sure your website architecture incorporates the keywords/phrases. Such as updating "title tag" lines in your HTML coding, header tags, photograph and graphic file names, internal link structure including keywords, keyword density ration in body of text, and so on.

Hummingbird contains many parts, many of which any SEO internet firm you are thinking about partnering with to achieve your SEO goals must know. For example, "Panda", "Penguin", and "Payday" are designed to reduce nuisance usage or spam. "Pigeon" is designed to help improve local results (so persons searching the same terms in different regions might have different search results based on where they are searching from). "Top Heavy" is designed to lower pages that have many advertisements. "Mobile Friendly" is designed to better index/rank websites that are mobile friendly - especially from searches from mobile devices. "Pirate" is design to fight copyright infringement.

Quality content is one of the most important factors, ensuring your website architecture is built around your SEO terms is also critical, other SEO criteria include:

  • Click through rate: which makes it important to update your "meta tags" - which is where Google usually pulls the applicable text to accompany your website link in the search results.
  • Time on site is a factor, so you need to make sure your content is compelling.
  • How often you update your website is a factor, so you should have a regularly scheduled plan for updating (and therefore changing the time stamp) on your website.  This is one reason having a blog with ongoing quality posts and having a website maintenance contract are good ideas.  (Internet Consulting, Inc. can help you with these if your website designer doesn't offer these services).
  • Due to quality in-bound links being such a heavily weighted factor you should be going through your competitors' backward links to identify and obtain placement on applicable portals to your supplying capabilities - such as associations, internet directories/white pages, and so on.  In addition, ask your clients to save your site to their bookmarks.
  • Positive reviews are now a factor on some search engines, so ask your clients to post positive website reviews, like your social media profile pages and posts, and so on.
Here is a link to Google's Webmaster Tools - regarding Search Console Help:

Click-here for Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. 

I could go on, and into more depth, but it is easy enough to do your own SEO research by searching online.  Internet Consulting, Inc.'s best clients are educated customers. 

Once you clearly understand the ongoing detailed work needed for SEO success - having our specialists handle your search engine optimization should be an easy decision.  We work great with you and/or your staff - the more participation we have from you the less we have to do - which will help reduce our hours and reduce your spend. 

Here are some great resources


http://white.net/blog/10-free-google-tools-everyone-use/ There are links for each topic such as Google Webmaster Tools,
Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Consumer Surveys, PageSpeed Insights, Content Experiments, Google Places for
Business, Google Alerts, Tag Manager, and more.


SEO Newsletters:



"Search Engine Journal"

The evolution of the internet changed buyer/specifier behavior it is critical to get your SEO in place a.s.a.p. 

To increase your SEO ROI it is recommended that you touch prospects, and clients, from multiple initiatives with the right content at the right time.

Internet Consulting, Inc. would be happy to help you achieve your internet goals.  We are experts at integrating your content into search engine optimization (SEO)paid search, marketing automation, responsive website design, email campaigns, video development & marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing, and other initiatives based on your exact target audience(s) buying and specifying processes.

Click-here for a free in-depth SEO consultation (serious inquiries only please, time is our most valued resource), or call 281 961 4002.