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Internet Business Tools

The below internet business tools include competitor research, business dashboards, project management, team chat, live chat, webinars/meetings, customer support, freelancer help, business plan generators, proposal generators, and more.

Competitor research internet business tools helps benchmark what you are doing against your competitors and industry standards. Learn your competitors' online strategies. Discover new opportunities. Better understand your consumers and what triggers their actions online.

Competitor real-time metrics are available for:

  • Traffic: understand how competitors are driving traffic to their website and grow sales
  • Indexing/ranking: see how your website indexing/ranking compares for keywords/phrases, address the issues and rank above competitors
  • SEO: measure how your SEO is doing compared to competitors
  • SEM: know where and how much your competitors are investing in advertising to promote their website and drive quality usage so you can emulate what is successful
  • Social media: understand what breakout posts or Tweets your competitors are doing on social media, and more
  • Demographics: understand the key demographics such as age, gender, income, and other details of your competitors' target markets -- understanding persona details are especially important in marketing automation, and for developing content that resonates with your target audience
  • Reputation: know how your website compares to competitors in regards to trust
  • Reliability and security : as well as what you need to do to improve your reputation
  • Performance: are your website pages loading fast?, understand what you are able to do to make them load faster to improve user experience, improve conversions and SEO
  • and more...

Business dashboard internet business tools help you monitor and manage all your business data from one place.

Project management software helps organize projects, increase and improve internal communications, and update while keeping clients on track. As businesses grow they need to grow their project management processes and systems.

Team Chat internet business tools are team collaboration apps for desktop, mobile, and web. 

Live Chat internet business tools helps increase website conversions while decreasing phone calls and email.

Webinar/Meeting internet business tools help improve efficiencies with your online Webinars or meetings.

Customer support internet business tools help provide better customer service with scale.

Business plan generator tools assist in putting together your business plan and pitching your business.

Proposal generators help you automate your quoting,  proposal, and contract needs.

Competitor Research

Competitor research is an important aspect of achieving your internet goals. It is capitalism at it's finest - knowing the details of what your competitors are doing so you can emulate the successful strategies and details. Internet marketing is a constantly changing target partially due to competitors vying for market share and position. The below suppliers provide internet business tools that make competitor research fast and easy.