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Internet Consulting, Inc. specializes in data management.

data management
data management

For a free in-depth data management consultation simply fill out the request form and Jordan Weiner the President of Internet Consulting, Inc. will schedule a meeting with you (and your team if desired).

We speak the industrial internet B2B languages fluently.    

We work seamlessly with your on-site staff already handling initiatives, complement or fill in the gaps for already outsourced initiatives, or are your turnkey agency solution.

Just going through the no cost data management consultation will help you whether you partner with Internet Consulting, Inc. or not.   

As you go through the no cost data management consultation we will clearly and quickly establish our absolute expertise in what is needed for your business.  

There are free "Top 20 Tips" for SEO, web design, content writing, leads lists, and email marketing tips available via downloads, authored by Jordan to focus on  data management.

The opportunity cost for not having your data management and other internet initiatives in place is significant.  

We are able to work within any reasonable budget for data management.   We are a fraction of the investment of other top tier firms.

We have proven success and are able to start small and scale the successful evolution of your company's website design and integrated internet initiatives based on goals, budgets, and return on investment (ROI).

Besides data management, all internet strategies require Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is an important foundation of your long term internet presence. SEO is the action of proactively working on your websites content to increase visibility and new business opportunities.

In addition to data management we are B2B experts for search engine optimization (SEO), website redesigns, website conversion improvement, content development, leads lists compilation, email deployment to cold or purchased B2B lists, video development, marketing automation and more.

In addition to data management we are able to help with customer on boarding, customer retention, cross selling and up selling, lost customer re-engagement, long-term lead nurturing, marketing to sales hand-off, sales enablement, and other key performance indicators of success. 

We understand most of our clients are good at speaking what makes their products and services unique but to author content they are proud to publish via the internet is a problem.  We are able to help author the industrial internet content to get the initiatives done and done right. 

Call, or email, us today.  Our work isn't work to us - it's play.  We genuinely love what we do and look forward to helping you and your company.