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Internet Consulting, Inc. provides the successful evolution of your internet initiatives.

We specialize in website design and industrial SEO

Partnering with ICI will get your website and SEO in front of your elusive buying and specifying audience at the exact moments they are researching, sourcing and procuring your supplying capabilities.

We know manufactures, distributors, and industrial service providers cannot create the need in the same way as the direct to consumer market.

We work with all suppliers, even if you already have initiatives already in progress:  

  • We work seamlessly with your on-site staff already handling your initiatives.
  • Our initiatives complement (or fill in the gaps) for already outsourced initiatives.
  • We provide the tools the experts use for the do-it-yourselfers.
  • Or we could be your turnkey integrated website design, SEO and internet agency solution.

Just going through the evaluation process will help you clearly identify your internet goals and exact implementation steps to achieve them. 

If desired, during our no cost, no obligation in-depth SEO consultation we will map out your SEO terms and phrases for no charge so that you are able to clearly see our industrial expertise and understand your exact capabilities we would be providing the successful evolution of your SEO for.

Feel free to take this research to use internally or use with any other SEO firm.

During your consultation, we will transparently share exactly how we build thousands of SEO pages around your target SEO terms.  This ensures your exact match target SEO terms/phrases are in the URLs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, H1 (header) Tags, the right number of times in the text/copy on each page and more.

For apples to apples work, we challenge you to find any other SEO firm that will build as many SEO pages as we will for anywhere near the same investment.  No other firm we know of is even in the same ballpark as ICI for cost per SEO page.

All SEO pages website architecture is built with precision. We will live demo existing clients’ reporting and Google rankings, clearly proving our ability to dominate the indexing/rankings. 

We will go through the back end of your website and clearly and transparently detail exactly the SEO we do and explain why our work dominates the search engines.

We will provide plenty of industrial references.  I, Jordan Weiner, have owned Internet Consulting, Inc. and have been doing industrial internet marketing since 1999.

We do not require long-term contracts, because it is not a piece of paper that keeps our clients with us — it is the work we do and the results we achieve that keep our long-term relationships.

We do not charge for meetings or reporting (like many other SEO firms) because we want to encourage collaboration.

We truly have a client first mentality in everything we do. Our passion is to help the industrial sector, which is the backbone of the amazing USA. We are huge patriots, and our work isn’t work; it’s play. Per why we only have 5-Star Google reviews (which is rare in our industry).

The opportunity cost for not having your website and SEO done correctly is significant.  Help us help you ensure your internet presence is the best in the business.

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Many of our clients are good at explaining their unique supplying capabilities to potential customers, staff, and vendors - however publishing the detailed content in a format they are proud of that also gets them in front of their elusive internet audience is a problem.
Internet Consulting, Inc. solves this problem.
- Jordan Weiner/President

Our Services

Internet Consulting, Inc.'s team are experts at organizing and publishing our client's detailed supplying capabilities via the below initiatives. Resulting in the successful ongoing evolution our client's internet presence.

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation solutions effectively integrating inbound & outbound initiatives.

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  • Responsive Website Design

    Website designs for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

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  • Website Design & Development

    Expertly designed websites for both customers and search engines

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Favorable indexing/ranking on the top search engines

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  • Leads Lists

    Quality Lead Generation

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  • Email Deployment

    Quality Email Deployment

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  • Mobile App Development

    Server-side or client-side web applications for mobile devices

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  • Content Development

    Expert authoring of content for internet initiatives.

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Outsourcing to our team of internet experts is usually a similar investment to hiring a part-time employee

Here are tools used by the experts

We provide these helpful tools for the do-it-yourselfers. If you are seeking a trusted partner to achieve the successful evolution of your internet needs we would be happy to provide a very reasonable quote to get the jobs done and do the jobs right.

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