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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software helps businesses spread awareness during the research phase, puts your company top of mind while generating interest during the consideration phase, increases conversions/sales as well as speeding up the sales process during the purchase phase, and increases post purchase customer service that may lead to referrals and/or repurchasing.

Marketing automation software is used for helping with customer on boarding, customer retention, cross selling and up selling, lost customer re-engagement, lost deals returned to marketing, long term engagement/nurturing, internal marketing, ongoing social media efforts, new product and service offerings, trade show or event promotion/marketing, sales enablement, and more.

There are many options for marketing automation software. Key aspects to consider are: ongoing monthly costs, cost per number of contacts, do they come with a contact management software (CMS) or which CMS do they sync with, initial strategy help and initial set up costs, technical support, and more.

It is important to understand that buying marketing automation software does not come with a comprehensive strategy and implementation details for utilizing the software. Make sure you broach this topic if you are not already fluent with using this type of software.

It is also important to understand that marketing automation software has templates for designs, however you will need to integrate your logo, possibly some of your own images or images from stock providers, and develop your own content.

Most providers offer some type of add-on initial set up package, however these are not comprehensive and you need to nail down the exact initial strategy details, deliverables, and costs. Marketing Automation is an ongoing morphing solution - however once you have your library of materials built it gets easier over time to drag and drop using past materials to design new campaigns. The initial materials foundation must be set up with quality.

In addition, there are some internet initiatives (such as initial email blasts to purchased leads lists) that should be done in conjunction with your marketing automation software (but not in this software).  Most marketing automation software (and email deployment software) will not allow you to send emails to purchased lists or non-permission based contact lists.  To build your marketing automation opt-in contact list might take time, therefore profiling your target audience then purchasing quality leads lists and sending initial emails (IF done correctly) is a great way to jump start your marketing automation.

Contact Internet Consulting, Inc. if you would like our list broker to provide a free in-depth consultation for your lists.  Just like in many industries, there are some very shady providers that will take your money in exchange for bad lists or even worse lists that will get you labeled as a spammer.  Internet Consulting, Inc. will guarantee top quality leads lists - which are the foundation of success.   

Here is a link to the email software company Internet Consulting, Inc. recommends for sending B2B initial email blasts (they only do business to business leads, and they cleanse and verify all records prior to sending any emails): Email Your Purchased List Today 

If you want a turnkey initial email deployment solution for your purchased lists Internet Consulting, Inc. will be happy to help you with this as well (along with any other internet initiative to help fast track your marketing automation success).

Marketing Automation

The following are the current top marketing automation software providers. Choosing the right marketing automation software for you is critical to ensure you have a solid foundation.